Moscow Says US Global Deployment of Land Missiles Will Prompt Russia’s Quick Reaction


Washington’s deployment of land-based short-and intermediate-range missiles in various regions around the world will provoke an immediate reaction from Russia, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Monday, TASS reported.

“It is clear that deployment of American land-based short-and intermediate-range missiles globally seriously undermines regional and global security and will provoke a new dangerous phase of the arms race. Russia cannot ignore appearance of more missile threats for its territory which will be seen as strategic for us. This will require an immediate reaction, irrespective of what missiles will be deployed, nuclear or not,” the ministry said in a comment, marking the anniversary of termination of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty).

The ministry highlighted, “the only reasonable and <…> justified step forward is to look together for a mutually acceptable settlement of the current situation through political and diplomatic means.”

“Russia remains open to equal and constructive work to restore trust and strengthen international security and strategic stability. We are hoping for a similar interest and responsibility from the US side,” the diplomatic agency underlined.