Russia’s Pacific Fleet Carries out Air Strikes, Sea Target Drills

Image credit: EPA [illustration]

The Russian Pacific Fleet’s press office claimed on Wednesday that a group of ships fired missiles and artillery in the Pacific, repelling a fictitious enemy’s air strike and striking a sea target in drills.

Shipborne Osa anti-aircraft missile systems were used to strike simulated aerial targets by the cruiser Varyag. The 130mm AK-130 artillery cannon, the 100mm A-190 multi-purpose weapon, and the 30mm AK-630 six-barrel automated shipborne launchers were also used by the battleship. The crew of the vessel also engaged in electronic warfare, according to the statement, TASS reports.

A naval force from the Pacific Fleet also fired artillery at a sea target. According to the press office, the sailors of the Pacific Fleet’s flagship fired the Osa air defense system at a target that mimicked a small ship in this episode.