All Russians to Be Able to Register through the Portal of State Services from 2023

From 2023, all Russian citizens will be able to register their place of residence through the portal of public services without visiting the registration authority, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs announced.

“The possibility of obtaining information about registration … without visiting the registration authority by persons who have reached the age of 14, is provided for by the departmental program of digital transformation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for 2021–2023. The planned implementation period is 2023 “, TASS quotes the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs as saying.

Until that time, Russians over 14 years old, the department clarified, will have to visit the registration authority once to register their place of residence.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs recalled that electronic registration through “State Services” for children under 14 years old will be available throughout Russia from July 1, 2022.

To do this, their legal representatives will need to provide an application for registration, and the registration certificate itself can be sent to a personal account on the portal.

On September 6, the Russian government approved a decree according to which users of the portal of public services will no longer need to fill out online applications manually and search for paper documents since the new functionality of the system will do this automatically.

In particular, when submitting an online application for registration at the place of residence, the portal will be able to submit a request to Rosreestr and confirm the possibility for the registration of those that are applying and their families.