Kyiv Complains about EU Ignoring Ukrainian Interests

The European Union (EU), in particular Germany, is focused exclusively on their interests and is ignoring the demands of Ukraine, said Ukrainian political expert Taras Zagorodny, Izvestia reported.

At the same time, he pointed out that the improvement of Russian-German relations “has already begun,” and nothing will change following the elections to the Bundestag.

“We must understand one thing: most likely, nothing will change in Germany (after the elections – Ed.). Therefore, all hopes that the Greens will win, that they will stop Nord Stream 2 or something else, they did not come true, they have already decided,” the expert said.

From the current situation, Zagorodny made several conclusions, including the understanding that European values ​​are “nonsense”, and also stressed the need for a sober analysis of certain statements of European partners.

According to the political scientist, European countries are siphoning resources from Ukraine, acting per the provisions of their interests.

“They take cheap Russian gas for themselves, to lower prices from their industry, but they tell us: you take hydrogen for yourself, for which there is no infrastructure, no equipment,” Zagorodny said.

He stated that at present Berlin should be regarded as an ally of Moscow, while Kyiv was thrown by the countries of the European Union, as evidenced by the situation with the Russian gas pipeline.

Kirill Rodionov, an expert from the Institute for the Development of Technologies of the Fuel and Energy Complex, previously announced the dubious prospect of opposition to the construction of Nord Stream 2 on the part of the renewed government of the Federal Republic of Germany.

He referred to the leadership of the Social Democrats and the head of the movement, Olaf Scholz, who supported the completion of the project.