Cyber Attacks on Russia’s Critical Infrastructure on The Rise


According to a research done by specialists from the General Radio Frequency Centre under Russia’s media watchdog, the number of cyberattacks on vital infrastructure in Russia increased about 2.5-fold year over year in the first half of 2021.

Attacks against industrial facilities, government organizations, and research firms are among the targets. Experts informed Izvestia that the number of accidents is anticipated to rise in the future, owing to remote employment, among other factors.

According to a research by Group-IB, “traditional” cybercriminals carried out 40% of assaults on Russian critical infrastructure this year, while pro-state actors carried out 60%. APTs is a common moniker for them (Advanced Persistent Threats).

According to Izvestia, there are currently over 70 major APT organizations working throughout the world. Experts estimate that four or five new ones appear every year. According to Group-IB, China, North Korea, and Iran have the most APT organizations.