ISS Crew Successfully Patched Crack in Russian Module: Roscosmos

The crew of the International Space Station (ISS) has installed a patch on a crack in Russian module Zvezda, which will stop the air leak, a Roscosmos spokesperson told Sputnik.

Earlier, cosmonaut Sergey Ryzhikov was sealing the crack with a patch made of rubber and aluminum foil.

“Members of the Russian ISS crew have installed a new patch on the alleged place of the atmospheric leak in the Zvezda module,” the spokesperson said.

The cause of the leak is planned to be eliminated as a result of control measurements of the atmosphere level and on the basis of data transmitted by the crew to ground-based services, he added.

A small air leak on the ISS was recorded in September 2019. In August-September 2020, after the leak’s speed increased fivefold, the crew twice closed the hatches in the ISS modules in order to check their tightness and was isolated for several days in the Russian segment of the station.