Kalashnikov Group Unveils Electric Taxi Cab

Russia’s Kalashnikov Group has presented the UV-4 electric car for the taxi market at the 7th International Eurasian Taxi Forum (MEFT) staged in Moscow, the company said on Friday, according to TASS.

“The Kalashnikov Group of Companies has presented the UV-4 electric car for the taxi transportation market. The electric vehicle specimen was showed as part of the exhibition of the latest specimens of specialized taxi cars,” the company said.

The electric vehicle has a smooth ride and low fire and explosion hazard in case of an accident, the company reports. “It is intended for enterprises, where there is a need to travel a long distance over their territories, and for car-sharing companies,” it says.

The vehicle power is up to 50 kW. The maximum speed is 80 km per hour with endurance up to 150 km. The car weight is 650 kg. Width is 1.5 m, length – 3.4 m, and height – 1.7 m.

Electric car concepts are gaining popularity in Russia, with the state as well as several private companies already working on such projects.

This month, trade and industry minister Denis Manturov said that Russia’s first electric car, the Zetta, could go into serial production by the end of this year if the company completes certification this fall.

“The project of Zetta economy class four-wheel-drive electric car of domestic design and assembly is worked out at present with proactive support of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. The company plans to complete certification as early as this fall; in such case it will be possible to speak of starting serial production by the year-end,” Manturov said.