Roscosmos to Deploy GLONASS Monitoring Stations in Five Countries

According to the Precision Instrument-Making Systems research and manufacturing company (part of the state space corporation Roscosmos), non-request measurement stations of the SM-Glonass satellite navigation system will be placed in Brazil, China, Indonesia, India, and Angola, TASS reports.

“Another six non-request measurement stations will be installed overseas in the near future: two in Brazil (Belem and Colorado de Oeste), one in China (Shanghai), one in Indonesia (Bukittinggi, West Sumatra), one in India (Bangalore), and one in Angola (Luanda,” the company stated.

Negotiations with international partners have taken place, as has on-site reconnaissance work, and contracts are now being organized.

“All arrangements for installing and managing the equipment with Brazil were signed in 2020. All permits to remove the equipment from Russia were also acquired “According to the company.

Due to the epidemic, Russian experts were unable to get to Brazil to assemble the equipment last year. The deployment work has been postponed till the epidemiological condition improves in 2021-2020.

Precision Instrument-Making Systems’ equipment is designed to improve the accuracy and other characteristics of the GLONASS system.