Russia Reveals New Cutting-Edge Drone at MAKS 2021 Air Show

Zala Aero Group at MAKS 2017 (Photo: EPA)

Russia-based unmanned aerial vehicle producer Zala Aero unveiled it’s latest drone ZALA VTOL, a vertical take-off and landing UAV, at the MAKS 2021 air show, TASS reports citing the company statement at the aviation show.

The ZALA VTOL is a hybrid drone that combines the characteristics of an airplane and a tilt-rotor aircraft. The flight configuration changes according to the mission assigned to the vehicle. According to the firm, the electric propulsion system allows the aircraft to stay in the air for up to 4 hours, with a range of up to 200 kilometers in aircraft mode.

The on-board computer ZX1 uses artificial intelligence to analyze Full HD format information and transfer HD movies and images to a ground control center through secured communication channels. According to Zala Aero, this allows the operator to get data and information even prior to the drone landing.

ZALA VTOL’s primary mission is to monitor and photograph any difficult-to-reach location or local facilities. It may be used to scan industrial infrastructure, produce photographic maps of a given region, and help secure ground facilities. According to the firm, the UAV is already in use in some countries in Latin America.