Russia Warns Western Internet Platforms of Responsibility for Fakes About Protests

Russia’s foreign ministry has warned Western internet platforms about responsibility for disseminating false information about unauthorized rallies, TASS writes.

“We demand interference into domestic affairs of sovereign states be stopped and warn about responsibility,” the ministry said on its Facebook account.

“The United States’ flagrant interference into Russia’s domestic fairs is a fact in evidence, as is propagation of fakes and calls for unauthorized protests by Washington-controlled internet platforms. Another evidence of Washington’s behind-the-scenes role is US State Secretary Antony Blinken’s support to law violations. No doubts that actions geared to encourage protests are an element of the strategy of containing Russia. The Department of State is apparently following the ‘program’ offered by the RAND Corp analytical center back in 2019 (see report Overextending and Unbalancing Russia). It’s a pity they have missed a warning about the high price and risks of this doctrine,” it wrote.

The ministry pointed to the fact that Sunday’s rallies are unauthorized but not unplanned as the US side tends to picture them.