Russian Tech Firm Offers Direct Cloud Connectivity to Companies

Data Center (DC) services provider Linxdatacenter has sealed a deal with software-defined network-as-a-service supplier Megaport to offer customers direct access to leading cloud service providers (CSPs) from its data centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg, reports.

Linxdatacenter also has “partner data centers” in Warsaw, Shanghai and Hong Kong. It recently sold its Warsaw facility to EdgeConneX.

It is now the first reseller of Australia-based Megaport in Russia, allowing its colocation and cloud clients to reach Megaport’s ecosystem of over 300 service providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Salesforce and Alibaba Cloud.

“Thanks to its partnership with Megaport, Linxdatacenter can simplify cloud connectivity for its clients in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Businesses in Russia can scale their cloud architectures based on predictable performance over secure, scalable and on-demand connections,” said Linxdatacenter.

Under the agreement, Linxdatacenter is also able to be listed in the Megaport Marketplace, making its secure LinxCloud available to Megaport customers worldwide. Megaport and Linxdatacenter will initially connect in Stockholm, Sweden.

“We are partnering with Megaport because connectivity to public clouds will be a key development factor for the Russian economy. Few companies will stay in single-cloud environments. The future is multi-cloud,” said Heiko Koop, chief executive officer of Linxdatacenter.  

“Demand for cloud services continues to grow at an increased pace in all regions and Russia is no exception,” said Vincent English, chief executive officer of Megaport. “Enterprises need an easy, secure and scalable way to connect to cloud providers. The Megaport SDN makes this a reality and empowers customers with on-demand connectivity. We are extending the reach of cloud services to Russian enterprises to enable their digital transformation journey.”