Study Shows 13% of Russians Use Cryptocurrency to Buy Online

More than 13% of Russia’s population currently makes use of digital coins on a regular basis for online purchases, a poll ordered by internet security company Kaspersky Lab has revealed, according to KryptoMoney.

The poll was conducted among 924 residents of the Russian Federation on the eve of the Christmas holidays. Of the lot, it was found that 13 percent of interviewed people preferred to use cryptocurrencies for facilitating their online payments and purchases.

While the number may not look all that big to the casual reader, it is worth noting that the poll also covered a full range of “cashless payment methods.” Thus, for example, 18 percent of the interviewed personnel said that they were currently making use of “peer-to-peer mobile payment systems” while 38 percent of the interviewees said that they regularly deployed “contactless applications” like Paypass, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay for their daily payments.

According to the poll, 48% of Russians claimed to have mobile bank accounts, 56% prefer to make use of non-banking payment systems, while 76% of Russians currently possess electronic wallets (which they use to buy their daily goods with).

Notably, half of the participants still feel unease about using online payments in general because they don’t feel their funds are safe. This scare can be eliminated via cryptocurrencies as they pose a faster, cheaper, safer and more convenient way in many respects. The only thing limited any user to make the switch is the ambiguity that surrounds the digital assets.

Yandex Money, Russia’s largest electronic payment service, conducted a poll similar to the above one, in cooperation with the Digital Technologies Department of the city of Moscow. Published last month, the survey inferred that 5% of participants were willing to try cryptocurrency payments, despite never having owned digital coins before.