Su-57E Jet Gets VR Simulation for MAKS 2021 Air Show

Photo courtesy: Sukhoi Website

Yuri Zavgorodnev, team leader of Sukhoi, said that the Sukhoi Design Bureau has for the first time demonstrated a virtual reality flight simulator to educate pilots for the advanced edition of the Su-57E fifth-generation jet.

Already, the conception has progressed. Zavgorodnev stated, “We show the Su-57E interactive simulator.”

He stated that the Su-35 virtual simulator was unveiled for the first time during the MAKS 2019 aviation show.

Two multifunctional indicators, as well as one of the latest series of virtual glasses with extremely excellent graphics, are physically present at the Su-57 simulator, allowing users to observe the situation outside and within the cockpit in full with high resolution, according to Zavgorodnev.

He went on to say that multifunctional indicators make it feasible to add tactile feelings to the virtual image.