Top 5 Crypto Exchange Platforms in 2021

Cryptocurrency is the new craze in 2020, and it has caught up Russia, too. This craze just got doubled last month when the Bitcoin price reached its all-time high, $19,857. The successful rally also kept the crypto traders and investors’ hope alive of reaching the $20K mark.

Experts believe that the Bitcoin rally in 2020 is not ending very soon. This rally might continue till next year. If Bitcoin continues forward march, its price will certainly reach new milestones. To achieve this, crypto exchange platforms have to cope up with high trading volumes.

There are several crypto trading platforms that are the best crypto exchange platforms to pick in 2021. The rise of digital currencies encourages developers to create a platform where they can trade assets.

Bitcoin wallets are used by such platform where users can invest in cryptocurrencies, and for those that want to be a part of the financial revolution, then they definitely need to try this new platform.

Every crypto platform has its own features that cater its services to different kinds of audiences. When you are looking for a crypto exchange platform, it is important that you look for a trusted platform by some of the best crypto investors. With that being said, here are the best trading platforms:


Coinbase is the trending crypto trading platform. It caters its services to more than 20 million users, and daily trading volume reached billions. The Best part of this platform is to get your own digital vault to keep all your Crypto assets safe and secure.

Coinbase supports all kinds of cryptocurrency exchanges. The only trading flaw of these platforms is that the minimum amount to open trade in the market is comparatively higher than the other platforms present in the market.


BitMEX is yet another world-renowned crypto trading platform that deals with all kinds of crypto exchanges. Though it is on the list of the best crypto trading platforms, it is not actually a trading platform, as it trades in crypto derivatives.

Crypto derivatives mean you cannot buy and sell cryptocurrencies, but one can buy and sell contracts. It also offers marginal trading. BitMEX is not some ordinary trading platform, so one needs to have prior knowledge to understand this platform.

Check to see how cryptocurrency is changing how we see the world and making positive technological advancements in so many industries.



Bityard is considered one of the safest trading platforms in the industry. Some of the professionals overlook the trading networks to ensure that the trading is authentic. In the case of Bityard, anyone can start trading from the get-go. The lowest trade that one can open is $5.

The perk of this platform is that Bityard has a mining team of their own. Hence, if one is interested in mining, then it is possible to earn some cryptocurrencies rewards. This practice might also bring some extra profit.


When we are talking about the crypto trading platform, then how can we forget about Binance. Binance is one of the popular trading platforms, with more than 200 cryptocurrency to exchange.

This platform has taken every security measure to offer theory users a safe trading environment. We liked the most about Binance because it has divided its trading into two phases: the amateur phase and the professional phase.

Bitcoin Digital

This is relatively new in the market and quite young compared to the other trading platform mentioned in the list. It has a user-friendly interface with an easy restoration process. Here your account is verified first. It comes with a demo account that allows users to practice some trades before entering the real trade market.