Yandex Tests Self-driving Cars on Tel Aviv Streets

On the busy roads of the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, one can see more self-driving test cars made by Russia’s tech company Yandex in these days, Xinhua reported.

The self-driving prototype of Yandex uses a variety of sensors, including Lidars, specialized cameras, radars, inertial measurement units, and odometric sensors.

Inside car’s trunk is the central computer that calculates all the incoming data from the sensors. Computer vision and machine learning algorithms use all the data they collect to make a 3D model of everything happening around the car.

Self-driving cars still have a safety driver in case things go wrong. According to the company, its workers almost don’t interfere with the autonomous driving mode, though it didn’t provide exact figures, Xinhua adds.

Currently, there is a global race to dominate the future world of autonomous transport. The leading players are multinational software corporations which join hands with auto companies to produce smart self-driving cars.

Yandex is well known in the Russian speaking world as a leading internet search engine. Tel Aviv’s streets would enable the algorithm of Yandex’s driverless cars to deal with narrow and crowed streets.