RST: 40% Of Tourists Rebooked Their Tours to Turkey for Tours in Russia

Istanbul, Turkey

On April 15, Russia stopped flights to Turkey because of the worsening COVID-19 situation in this country. By this time, Russians had booked 560 thousand tours to this country, of which almost 40% were rebooked for tours in Russia, said the head of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (RST) Andrei Ignatiev.

About 60% of tourists have postponed their trips to Turkey at a later date and are waiting for the resumption of flights.

The tour operators are complying with the imposed restrictions and do not sell tours to Turkey with a departure date before June 21.

“The dates are postponed to July, August and further. Tours are being booked, deposits are being paid. Clients are very careful about their payments. And tour operators prefer not to take money in full for a paid tour. We are waiting for the decision of the headquarters. We want this to happen.” Ignatiev stressed.

“In Turkey, the head of the Federal Tourism Agency announced that soon, from July, the flights will be restored.” vice-president of the RST Yuri Barzykin noted.

Meanwhile, airlines are expecting the resumption of flights to Egyptian resorts. According to Barzykin, a decree is being prepared to resume air transportation to Egypt from July.