Aeroflot Almost Fully Restores Domestic Air Carriage

The Aeroflot Group has almost fully restored air transportation on the domestic market, CEO of the Russian flag carrier Vitaly Savelyev says on Friday, TASS reported.

“The Aeroflot Group has recovered [on the domestic market] by almost 100% against August – by 99.6%. Our Pobeda [airline] was the key growth driver – the growth rate was 43% in August and 17% over eight months on the whole. Aeroflot recovered by 76%. This is the highest possible percentage for us, we have no international transit now,” Savelyev said.

“As far as the international traffic is concerned, such transportation is highly significant for us. The Aeroflot Group receives 60% of income on account of international operations. We have recovered by just 14%, which is a major obstacle to obtaining good financial results,” he added.

Russia halted the international traffic in late March due to the coronavirus pandemic and is gradually restarting flights to other countries from late August.