Russia, Turkmenistan to Operate Joint Caspian Cruise Tours in 2020

Russia and Turkmenistan plan to launch joint cruise tours in the Caspian Sea in 2020, Vestnik Kavkaza reports

The Governor of Russia’s Astrakhan Region Igor Babushkin told Russian media that route options have been developed, including the main one from Astrakhan across the Caspian Sea, with entering the ports of Aktau, Turkmenbashi, Baku, and Russia’s Makhachkala.

“I discussed the issue of visiting the Avaza tourist zone and the port of Turkmenbashi with representatives of Turkmenistan,” the governor said in a statement. “An agreement was reached that a tour operator will be determined from the Turkmen side. I’m sure that both Iran and Azerbaijan will enthusiastically support this idea and the possibility of cruise communication.”

In March it was reported that the first cruise called “Treasures of the East” along the Caspian Sea in Russia’s motor ship “Pyotr Velikiy” (Peter the Great) is planned in 2020.

The Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) noted that in accordance with the plan, the ship will complete the cruise program (11 days/10 nights) Baku (Azerbaijan) – Bandar-e Anzali (Iran) – Nowshahr (Iran) – Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan) – Aktau (Kazakhstan) – Astrakhan – Makhachkala/Derbent – Baku. Then, as it is supposed, the ship will make a cruise to the Black Sea for the winter, performing the program “The Adventure on the Three Seas”.

The cost of cruise tours is estimated at around $227 per person per day. In total, the ship is designed for 310 passengers. Tourists will have access to several restaurants, bars, a swimming pool, a SPA center and more.