Dairy Producer EkoSem Agrar Expands in Russian Supermarkets

The German holding company of Russian dairy producer EkoNiva Group, Ekosem-Agrar AG, has increased the availability of its dairy products in Russian retail stores, according to Dairy Reporter.

Since the beginning of May, the EkoNiva product range has been available in 200 Russian and international retail chains in Greater Moscow, as well as in Kaluga, Voronezh, and Lipetsk, the company said.

EkoNiva products, which were launched in 2018, can now be found in the Globus, Okey, Da!, Selgros, Auchan and Karussell retail chains. Since February, EkoNiva products have also been distributed by the Utkonos online supermarket.

“By processing and selling its own milk, Ekosem-Agrar said it continues to expand its value chain, which allows the company to guarantee the quality of its products across the entire supply chain, to respond more flexibly to price fluctuations in the milk market and to tap additional revenue and income sources. In the medium term, the group is processing all the raw milk it produces itself,” says Stefan Durr, main shareholder and CEO of Ekosem-Agrar AG.

“We are highly satisfied with the progress we have made in expanding the market presence of our still young brand. We are in ongoing talks with other retail companies and expect to be able to place our products in further supermarket chains by the summer. In addition, we plan to launch an organic product line in mid-2019,” he added.

The company’s portfolio includes 50 products, fresh milk with different fat contents, long-life milk, drink and organic yogurt, desserts, kefir, sour cream, curd, and butter.

Recently, German Development Minister Gerd Muller visited Voronezh, where he attended a conference on the role of Russia and Germany in feeding the world’s population, hosted by Durr.