Belarus Refinery Receives First Batch of Norwegian Oil

The first part of a batch of Norwegian oil – about 3.5 thousand tons – was delivered to the Naftan refinery in Belarus, TASS reported.

“A train of 59 tanks with a total volume of about 3.5 thousand tons arrived from Klaipeda port by rail on Sunday to the Novopolotsk station. The entire batch of Norwegian oil (more than 80 thousand tons – approx., according to TASS) delivered by the Breiviken vessel, should arrive at the enterprise within the next two weeks,” said the representative of the concern.

According to the Vestnik Naftana newspaper, the train arrived from Lithuania to Novopolotsk at 08:10 a.m., and at 11:30 a train began to be delivered to the overpass for oil discharge.

According to Naftan CEO Aleksandr Demidov, the quality of Johan Sverdrup Norwegian oil is close to the quality of Russian Urals oil.

“There are significant advantages. Johan Sverdrup oil has a higher yield of light oil products, respectively, less residual fuel oil. Moreover, North Sea black gold has almost two times less sulfur. This figure affects the process, environmental aspects,” he told Vestnik Naftana, noting that the potential of Johan Sverdrup is higher than that of Urals.

Demidov recalled that over many years of history, Naftan has experience in the processing of various oils, including Venezuelan.

According to experts, loading Norwegian oil into tankers, transshipment in Klaipeda, and then transportation by rail leads to an increase in its cost by at least $ 100 per tonne compared to Russian.