Oil Production in Russia Decreases by 6.3% During January-May

Oil and gas production in Russia decreased in January-May by 6.3% in annual terms to 212.22 million tons, according to CDU TEK. The average daily production was 10.3 million barrels, Russian media reported.

In May, Russia produced 44.21 million tons of oil with gas condensate (+ 11.2% in annual terms). The average daily production was 10.45 million barrels.

The export of Russian oil in January-May amounted to 85.36 million tons (-15.7%), with the average daily export being – 4.14 million barrels.

Transneft’s pipelines exported 75.51 million tons of oil (68 million tons – Russian oil), other pipelines – 17.36 million tons.

In May, Russia supplied abroad 18.65 million tons of oil (+ 7.8%). Average daily exports amounted to 4.41 million barrels.

Gas production in Russia increased in January-May by 11% in annual terms to 325.25 billion cubic meters. In May, the country produced 62.74 billion cubic meters of gas (+ 19.6%).