Russia Praises Switzerland’s role as Dispute Mediator: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised Switzerland’s neutrality and position as an international mediator in conflicts at a ceremony to collect credentials from foreign ambassadors on Tuesday.

“Russian-Swiss relations, which date back more than 200 years, have always been focused on mutual regard, mutual advantage, and consideration for each other’s interests. We sustain a robust diplomatic dialogue while strengthening relations in a variety of areas. Switzerland’s neutrality and position as a mediator in international conflicts and disagreements are greatly valued by us,” Putin said in his statement, as reported by Russian media.

In an earlier interview with TASS, Swiss Ambassador to Russia Krystyna Marty Lang, who was assigned to the post in January 2021, said the two countries maintained strong ties in all regions. Russia is one of Switzerland’s most important allies in terms of stability, defense, and economic growth, according to the envoy. She also said that, amid the coronavirus constraints, the parties maintained contact in 2020 and intended to have a number of meetings in 2021.