Belarus Immunization Records 97.2% Efficacy Rate with Sputnik V

Image credit: EPA

According to an announcement from the Russian Direct Investment Fund, Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine exhibited 97.2 percent effectiveness against COVID-19 and an excellent safety profile during immunization in Belarus, TASS reports.

In Belarus, the Russian vaccination exhibited 97.2 percent effectiveness against COVID-19. The effectiveness of Sputnik V was determined using data from more than 860,000 persons who were vaccinated between January and July 2021, according to the release.

According to the Fund, Belarus was the first foreign government to register Sputnik V and utilize it for population immunization.

The paper claims that the Fund and its partners helped Belarus’ Belmedpreparaty firm, which is successfully producing Sputnik V, transfer knowledge to localize the manufacture of the vaccine. The Belarusian vaccination was approved by the Ministry of Health in April 2021.

Belarus has also approved a single-component vaccine called Sputnik Light.