Coronavirus in Russia Declining, WHO Says

The World Health Organization is seeing a stability and steady decline in COVID-19 infections in Russia, according to WHO envoy to Russia Melita Vujnovic.

When looking at the European region, it can be seen that there is progress, but the smaller the population, the fewer the instances overall. The WHO are really pleased to see stabilization and a steady reduction in Russia, she added.

In Russia, the reproductive number, which indicates how active an epidemic is among a population, is now less than one, which is healthy. She said, the WHO observed a drop, a steady decrease in general throughout Russia, TASS reports.

Per the most recent data, over 199.6 million individuals have been infected globally, with over 4,200,000 fatalities documented. In Russia, 6,356,784 coronavirus cases have been verified, with 5,679,842 individuals recovering from the illness.

According to the most recent figures, there were 161,715 deaths in Russia. To keep the public informed about the coronavirus outbreak, the Russian government established an Internet hotline.