Alrosa Aims to Boost Marketing Fluorescent Diamonds

One of the world’s biggest diamond mining companies, Russia’s Alrosa, has contacted several global retailers about jointly marketing the miner’s jewelry brand that uses fluorescent diamonds, Reuters reports. 

The move comes as diamond miners are seeking new approaches to battle falling demand and competition from lab-produced diamonds manufactured in laboratories.

“We are completing talks with several major companies in different regions,” Alrosa Chief Executive Sergei Ivanov told Reuters.

Alrosa, which now sells these diamonds mixed with others in “lots”, expects the retailers to start offering its fluorescent stones in a year under the brand “Luminous Diamonds”, which it has recently created, in separate corners of their stores.

The aim is to create a new market for stones with fluorescence, often a blueish glow visible under light, that is still considered by many traders as being of lower quality.

Global demand for all types of diamonds has been hit by a trade war between the United States and China, the world’s two biggest diamond markets. Prices for smaller stones have fallen as deliberate output reductions have yet to remove oversupply, Reuters writes.

Alrosa and its competitors, chiefly Anglo American firm De Beers, are betting on a “value over volume” strategy. Alrosa expects to produce 38.5 million carats in 2019 but will sell only 32 million to 33 million carats, stockpiling the rest until better days.

The Russian company does not disclose the names of the retailers it is talking to but says it has no plans to start its own retail business. Product sales will be organized by retailers via their own distribution chains.

“Our aim is to supply fluorescent polished diamonds – cut by Alrosa or its clients – to retailers and provide marketing support, including jewelry design if needed,” Ivanov said.