Russian Su-30 Jet Intercepts U.S. Aircraft over Black Sea

Image credit: EPA

The Russian National Defense Control Center said that an Su-30 fighter jet was scrambled to intercept a U.S. spy plane over the Black Sea, TASS reports.

According to the statement, on July 13, radar stations of the Southern Military District’s air defense rapid reaction alert units spotted an airborne target approaching the Russian state boundary over the Black Sea.

The air defense rapid reaction alert troops of the Southern Military District dispatched a Su-30 fighter to identify the aerial target and prevent it from crossing the Russian state boundary.

According to the release, the Russian fighter’s crew detected the aerial target as a U.S. Air Force EP-3E Aries electronic warfare and reconnaissance aircraft and followed it.

It noted that the U.S. espionage aircraft was not permitted to cross the Russian state boundary.

The Russian aircraft successfully returned to its home airfield after the alien fighter plane did a U-turn from Russia’s state border. The Russian fighter’s flight was conducted in complete accordance with international airspace usage norms.