AI Bot Improves Customer City Services in Moscow

Image source; DIT

The Moscow City Property Department has automated the receipt and processing of applications that come through the service. According to Moscow’s Department of Information Technologies, with these new services, it takes only a few seconds between receiving requests from residents and delivering them to the correct department.

The new services are accelerated and streamlined by means of RPA (robotic process automation) technology, which is an an automated program that can mimic simple, repetitive actions of specialists, such as working with folders, files, e-mail, and various information systems.

The so-called AI bot also helps process incoming correspondence and record residents for online consultations, and automatically creates online conferences and sends letters to applicants with login links and other necessary information.

According to the DIT, the technology has relieved specialists of some of the monotonous, simple tasks and speed up the delivery of services to residents.

Previously, the applications for reconciliation of financial and personal accounts used to go to the receptionist, who would then forward them to the heads of departments, and they – to executors.

While that whole process took a lot of time, now the applications are distributed in seconds by a robot, the DIT said in a press release.

The technology is implemented by Moscow’s Property Department team, which has developed and put into operation 34 robots for the executive authorities of Moscow in the last two years. 

The DIT also added that it expects that by the end of 2021, all public services in Moscow will be provided online.