Rossiya Airlines to Sue Passenger Who Opened Airplane Door on Moscow-Antalya Flight

Rossiya Airlines Image credit: EPA

Rossiya Airlines plans to sue a passenger who opened the second left door of an airplane prepared to take off from Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport for Antalya, Turkey, for damages, a spokesperson from the airline confirmed on Sunday.

The airline’s losses include flight delays, the replacement of the aircraft with a reserve, and the replacement of the emergency ladder on the second left door.

The event occurred around 02.20 Moscow time, according to the agency’s interlocutor. The emergency inflatable ladder was automatically deployed once the airplane door was opened. The flight departure delay was less than 20 minutes at the time of the occurrence.

On the same day, it was claimed that the plane sat at the airport for a long time before taking off, and that many passengers were ill, prompting one of the passengers to open the plane’s door on his own. As a result, the escape ladder collapsed.

After the incident, the passengers were disembarked from the plane and the airline decided to replace the aircraft. As a result, the departure delay was four hours. The airline created a commission to investigate the incident.