S7 Airlines Receives First Boeing 737 MAX

Russia’s S7 Airlines has taken delivery of its first Boeing 737 MAX via a lease with Air Lease Corp. (ALC), RusTurismNews.com reports.

S7, operated by Globus Airlines, becomes the first Russian airline to fly the new and improved 737 airplane.

The company plans to take 10 more 737 MAX jets over the next few years as part of its strategic plan to strengthen its airplane fleet.

“We always stay up-to-date with the latest developments of manufacturers and actively implement them to improve our service,” said Vadim Klebanov, general director of Globus Airlines.”The airline’s fleet already includes 19 Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft. The new Boeing 737 MAX that we have just received from our partners at Air Lease Corporation offers even more passenger comfort, reduced noise level and lower environmental impact. We are delighted that our passengers will be the first in Russia to appreciate the benefits on board these new generation airplanes.”

The 737 MAX is part of a family of airplanes that offer from about 130 to 230 seats and the ability to fly up to 3,850 nautical miles (7,130 kilometers).

The MAX 8, in particular, can seat up to 178 passengers in a standard configuration and features the popular Boeing Sky Interior. The airplane helps reduce fuel use and emissions by 14 percent compared to previous Boeing 737 airplanes.

“ALC is delighted to be a part of introducing the first Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in Russia with this delivery to our longtime customer, S7 Airlines,” said Alex Khatibi, Executive Vice President of Air Lease Corporation.

“With this new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, the airline continues to establish its position as a highly competitive Russian airline operating the most modern and fuel-efficient fleet,” he added.