Rescue Service for Lost and Found Animals in Moscow Helps Pets Return Home

The “Search for Lost and Found Animals” service on the official portal of the Moscow Mayor and Moscow Government ( is the first city centralized service in Russia for finding lost animals.

Those who have lost a pet can post an ad and inform about the missing animal via the service. If a person finds an animal on the street, he can find owners using the service. Thus, the service is gradually forming a single register of all missing and found cats and dogs in Moscow.

Тhe resident can place a new ad and tell about the missing or found pet. When placing an ad, photos of the animal, its breed, detailed description of the appearance, as well as the date and place of its loss / detection can be added.

In addition, when placing the missing pet announcement, the service will automatically check it against the database of city shelters for homeless animals. If a pet is found at the shelter, the owner will be notified immediately. The search is carried out automatically based on the animal’s chip or stamp number.

Citizens can customize registry update notifications by specifying subscription parameters (species, gender, breed, color of the animal). By subscribing to them, the owners or those who found the animal will quickly learn about the appearance of a pet with similar parameters in the registry.