Oil Production in Russia Decreases during January-June

Oil and gas condensate production in Russia decreased in the first half of the year by 3.7% in annual terms to 254.93 million tons, according to the Central Dispatch Office of the Fuel and Energy Complex. The average daily production was 10.32 million barrels, Russian media reported.

In June, Russia produced 42.64 million tons of oil with gas condensate (+11.7% in annual terms). The average daily production was 10.42 million barrels.

Rosneft produced 86.73 million tons of oil in the first half of the year (14.73 million tons in June), Lukoil – 36.42 million tons (6.17 million tons), Surgutneftegaz – 26.69 million tons (4.46 million tons), Gazprom Neft – 19.28 million tons (3.17 million tons), Tatneft – 13.43 million tons (2.29 million tons), Bashneft – 5.86 million tons (1.06 million tons), Slavneft – 4.19 million tons (783.66 thousand tons), NOVATEK – 4.13 million tons (671.7 thousand tons), Russneft – 3.19 million tons (561.34 thousand tons).

Other companies, including Gazprom and joint ventures with foreign participants, produced 42.63 million tons of oil and gas condensate in the first half of the year (in June – 6.84 million tons), PSA operators – 8.72 million tons (in June – 1.29 million tons).

Meanwhile, gas production in Russia increased in the first half of the year by 12.6% in annual terms to 384.09 billion cubic meters. m.

In June, the country produced 8.43 billion cubic meters of gas (+ 21.7%).

Production statistics for Gazprom are included in the production volume of “other subsoil users”, which produced 279.99 billion cubic meters in the first half of the year meters of gas (in June – 41.59 billion cubic meters).