Russian Renewable Energy Association Seeks Local Production Increase

Russian wind power association RAWI is inviting turbine manufacturers to work with it to help set up production facilities in the local market, Wind Power Monthly reports.

RAWI said prospective partners must have experience in producing machines with an individual capacity of at least 2.5MW, provide evidence of successful projects and be willing to open production facilities in Russia.

Developers’ names, project locations, and precise capacities have not yet been made public, but RAWI added the full results would be announced “in the next few days.”

Under Russian rules, support is paid through 15-year contracts with the state-backed regulator, the Market Council, whereby developers receive 12% annual profit on their capital investment, RAWI explained.

Turbines must be the manufacturer’s own design and companies must have “immunity to sanctions against Russia.” RAWI said it will consider joint ventures or acquiring a production license.

Meanwhile, Russia has completed the first stage of an 830MW wind tender and started the second phase of the process. RAWI said 11 bids totaling 208.8MW were received for 2019, 23 bids with a combined capacity of 627.2MW for 2021 and 43 bids totaling 1337.67MW for 2023.

In total, 2,213.67MW was submitted in the procurement process – more than two-and-a-half times the available quota.