Kremlin Says Escalation of Conflict in Middle Eastern Region is Dangerous

The conflict between Israel and Palestine might soon become a threat for Russia and it might expand towards an adjacent region if it is not put under control.

This was stated by Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin Spokesman who made a comment about Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that the unrest is very close to the Russian border, according to TASS.

Peskov once again stated that the threat for Russia is very real and the region is very adjacent to Russia, explaining that that is what Putin meant by using the term immediate proximity.

Peskov also emphasized that the relations in the region are quite perplexed, which is a result of the fact that security systems are fragile, trust between countries is lacking, and there is an increasing potential for regional conflicts. He also reiterated that events should not further escalate and that world powers need to be in constant communication with Palestinians and Israelis and convince them to halt the fighting.

The conflict between Palestinian radical and Israel started on May 10, after an outbreak of unrest at the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. Palestinians were triggered by the Israeli police who had a court order to evict a number of Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah in order to settle Jewish families.