Experts Say Intranasal COVID-19 Vaccines Psychologically More Acceptable for People


Vaccines against the new coronavirus in the form of nasal drops are more psychologically acceptable to people, although they take a bit longer to build the body’s immune response than injectable medicines, Svetlana Ishchenko, an infectious disease specialist, told TASS.

She stated that following the release of vaccinations in the market, in addition to injectable versions, the doctor would consider the person’s illnesses.

Ivan Konovalov, Associate Professor of the Russian National Research Medical University NI Pirogova’s Department of Infectious Diseases in Children, stressed that the medical community welcomes the development of vaccines whose administration method is less traumatic and requires less time and effort.

Despite this, the expert emphasized that judging the probable efficacy of a coronavirus vaccination in oral or intramuscular formulations based on prior vaccine experience is wrong.

According to Konovalov, research has been carried out under various types of governance both in Russia and throughout the world since the beginning. He stressed the need of achieving consistency in medication administration results when it comes to immunization.