Russia May Resume Air Traffic with Turkey in July

According to a source who spoke to Interfax, Russia’s plans for air traffic with Turkey might restart as early as the first week of July.

The operational headquarters will make the ultimate decision on this matter after analyzing the dangers, according to the source. He also stated that airlines will have sufficient time to plan flights.

As a result, the source stated that they will be granted at least 10 days to finish the work.

The same evening, it was announced that a group of Russian specialists would be arriving in Turkey to evaluate the situation around COVID-19 at tourist sites.

On the other hand, Turkey’s Minister of Culture and Tourism, Nuri Ersoy, stated on June 10 that discussions between the Russian and Turkish parties on the complete restoration of air contact are progressing well.

Due to the decreasing situation with the COVID-19 virus in the aforementioned nations, air traffic with Tanzania and Turkey was suspended in mid-April.