Sheremetyevo International Airport’s Revenue Up By 6%

Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) reported that their revenue is up 6% in the first half of 2018. The revenue is RUB13,941 million (EUR194.9 million), which is significantly increased from 2017.

SVO’s financials show a gross profit of RUB9120 million (EUR126.9 million) which translates to a 7.4% increase. Costs reported were RUB4821 (EUR67.1 million), +3.4%.

Passengers at Sheremetyevo increased by 13.0%, numbering 20.5 million. Additionally, aircraft movements numbered 164,408 which was a 14.3% increase.

A big boost for the airport’s business has been its successful handling of large crowds of passengers coming into Russia for the World Cup this past June.

SVO previously reported that the month of the World Cup takeoff and landing operations numbered 33,800 (+16%) with 4.7 million passengers (+11%). The growth was due to football teams and fans from all over the world, who attended the most anticipated sporting event of the year.