Sheremetyevo Announces Winners of “Digital Breakthrough” Hackathon

The second hackathon of the third season of the All-Russian competition “Digital Breakthrough”, a flagship project of the “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” platform, finished on May 23, with Sheremetyevo Airport announcing this year’s winners.

Sheremetyevo was a partner for two of the hackathons of the “Digital Breakthrough” competition. As part of the hackathon “Smart Cities, Industry, Fuel and Energy Complex” Sheremetyevo invited the teams to develop a workstation for an airport dispatcher and a workstation for a field engineer to solve the problem of clearing the airfield from snow in winter to optimize the activities of airport services performing work on the airfield.

The winners of the Sheremetyevo airport case were the Russian teams: Von Restorf Effect, HolyDev, Webjox team.

The main priority of Sheremetyevo International Airport is to provide the fastest and most comfortable passenger service. Sheremetyevo is equipped with high-tech control and security systems, multimedia information systems; all modern check-in methods available to airport passengers.

Each year, Sheremetyevo’s intensive development, efficient operation, and international leadership of Sheremetyevo are confirmed by many reputable international awards and ratings in the field of quality and punctuality.

Taking into account its strategic goals and priorities, Sheremetyevo also focuses on the advanced development of the IT infrastructure.